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PC68B Wearable Pulse Oximeter With Reminder For Home Use

PC68B Wearable Pulse Oximeter With Reminder For Home Use

Continuous Tracking your blood oxygen level and pulse rate, recording SpO2 and pulse rate up to 480 hours.

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  • Smart Reminder: With sound and light, vibration prompts, the limit can be set through the menu. With sound and light reminders, users can customize the upper and lower notify limits.
  • Continuously Track: The wrist pulse oximeter can continuously measurement of blood oxygen level, PR, and PI. The unique anti-motion algorithm can continuously measure and record O2 level, and pulse rate for up to 480 hours.
  • Easy to Use: Automatic start measuring when the finger is put into the sensor cap. Automatic power saving when the finger is out of the sensor or no key operation for about 20 seconds.
  • User-friendly design: Watch-style design, small size, lightweight, easy to wear, and the probe can be removed by itself.
  • Built-in wireless module: Real-time wireless upload of measurement data, support Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems.
  • Automatically generate reports: A data transfer kit and free software are included as standard, allowing checking data to be transferred to a computer and reports to be automatically generated for reference.
  • NOTE: This device is for General Wellness use only and not intended for medical use.
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  • Easy to use, real-time o2 level and pulse rate measurements can be taken at home.

  • Get multiple real-time health data records without spending a lot of money

  • Wearing comfort, using skin-friendly materials, so you can wear to sleep without feeling it.

The Bluetooth Oxygen Monitor For Daily Checking

Advanced Tech For Continuous Checking

Wrist oximeter with built-in anti-interference technology for more accurate readings.

While you sleep, the device continuously detects your body indicators.

When your levels are below/above the thresholds you set in the device, it will sound and vibrate to notify you.

Keep peace of mind while you sleeping

Wearable oxygen monitor for overnight tracking with notification.

480 hours of data storage on the device, with unlimited upload of real-time data to the APP.

Supports Android, iOS and Windows systems.
Optional recording interval to transfer data to PC for viewing.

  • Features

    Accurate Reading;

    Easy to Use;

    Color OLED Display;

    Smart Reminder;

    Detail Report;


  • You will Get

    PC-68B device;

    A SpO2 Probe;

    A wristband;

    A data cable;

    Two batteries (AAA);

    A User Manual;

The Bluetooth Oxygen Monitor For Daily Tracking

Blood oxygen level Pulse rate Perfusion index Body movement SpO2 & PR Trend Review

Low Battery Indication Over-limit Remind Settings

Free APP Support

No subscription required, your privacy is our top priority.

On the APP interface, you can see the real-time screen, record the data in detail, manage the data, and share it with your family and friends.

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Detail PC Data Record

Free PC software provides graphic O2, PR record and trends of data. Your record shows the statistics of oxygen levels and pulse rates, making it an excellent reference for the home daily check study. You can easily print/email to share PDF/SCV format personal oximetry reports with PC-68B.

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Smart Monitor Real-time Data

Press once to display the PI value, press twice to display the time and record the duration in real time.

Two display modes


  • 1

  • 2

  • 3

  • 4

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