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AP-20 Smart Wrist Pulse Oximeter with External Snorkel

AP-20 Smart Wrist Pulse Oximeter with External Snorkel

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  • Smart Reminder: Wearpulse AP-20 wrist pulse oximeter fingertip oxygen monitor has visible audio and vibration notification function. Equipped with a nasal flow catheter. When there is an out of range blood oxygen situation occurs, there will be sound and vibration to remind.
  • Non-invasive Measurement: It can be used for storing SpO2(Blood Oxygen Saturation), PR(Pulse Rate), PI(Perfusion Index), and can measure Snoring, Respiration Rate (an oral-nasal cannula is included in the packing list), Airflow (an air-flow module is included in the packing list).
  • Free APP & PC: It supports Free App Download for Android and iOS devices with wireless Bluetooth connection. The app can show real-time SpO2, and pulse rate, get the record, and display results, and reports. Data exported to a computer/PC by USB cable with analysis software and printout
  • Detail Report: The data management software allows users to manage, review and analyze the records in trends, graphs, and statistics. The printout of the reports provides an intuitive view of sleep studies.
  • Rechargeable Battery: 500mAh lithium battery, fully charged can last for more than 18 hours.
  • NOTE: This device is for General Wellness use only and not intended for medical use.
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AP20 Product Features

Accurate Reading ● Easy to use ● Color OLED Display ● Extra Cannula
Smart Reminder ● Detail Report ● Rechargeable ● Portable

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Detail PC Data Record

Free PC software provides graphic O2, PR record and trends of data. Your record shows the statistics of oxygen levels and pulse rates, making it an excellent reference for the home daily check study. You can easily print/email to share PDF/SCV format personal oximetry reports with AP-20.

Continuous Checking & Real-time Recording

One full charge can be used for 13 hours. Continuously check can be performed overnight, and SpO2, blood pressure and pulse rate will be tracked in real time on ViHealth APP. This allows you to check the important indicators of your body at any time.

Data Out of Threshold Remind

When you wear this product for measurement, if your value is out of the range of the threshold value. Both the product and the APP will send out a vibration to notify you.

Learn More about Our Technical Support

Free APP Download

Simpler Daily Checks

During the measurement, turn on your phone's Bluetooth and connect the Vihealth APP to the device to see the measured data. Simple interface, easy to understand.

Detailed Report 

On the report page, you will see a very detailed data display, you can zoom in and out of the data with your fingers, and you can accurately view the SpO2 data per second. You also can add notes to each set of data and share reports with your family or others.

Historical Data Management

Data from the past will be listed. Vihealth APP allows you to record an unlimited amount of data. On the APP, you may examine weekly, monthly, and yearly data independently.

  •  Donald L.

    Easy to use and reliable

    For the money this system of quite impressive. The ability to download info from your phone to computer is something that will be handy for my doctor. I would recommend this device.

  • Malcolm c.

    A Very Useful and Needed Device

    It is very comfortable to wear and stays securely connected throughout the night. It also provides additional data with a silent alarm to wake me should I get a dangerous sustained O2 dip.

  • Christian

    Works Great

    It works fine and the readings are accurate. It helps a lot in avoiding bad posture that leads to uncomfortable sleeping. I really sleep better now.

  •  Chad O.

    The Best Purchase!

    The AP-20 Wrist Pulse Oximeter is a perfect tool to check in on your health. Oxygen level, heart rate and motion all rolled into one convenient and comfortable wearable. So glad I bought this. Thank you!

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